Happy Sunday Everyone! Last night I wanted to create a fast and loose tree portrait, but honestly, setting up 11x15 paper in portrait orientation on my desk with the tripod for filming is really cramping, so I decided to paint on a 5.5 x 7.5 piece of paper. So two constraints right off the bat :) then I decided to stay using my normal tools, the medium hake, riggers, paper towel and card. I used stonehenge aqua 140lb cold press, and only taped down the opposite corners. I wasn't too bothered by the buckling and the paper relaxed really well. I feel like I'm going to start referring to this as a "chocolatey forest floor palette" Colors Used: Ultramarine, Paynes Grey, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Light Red Oxide, White Gouache The rigger brushes really do shine on this size of fast and loose painting. You can quickly build up the tree and branch density on the smaller paper, however, in the grand scheme of things, we are talking a matter of seconds difference. Visually, the marks pop more. The hake works perfectly fine on this size painting, the only concern would be to prevent over wetting of entire areas and loosing texture, but, you can use this over wetting to feed in colors if youd like. The scraping and splattering also shine in a lot more detail on this level. Overall, 5x7 is a fun, intimate size to paint on. Enjoy! -Andrew Broussard https://youtu.be/vJO1yiN3TEY