8x10 Stonehenge aqua. Hake, Rigger, mop brush, magic eraser, paper towel. Phthalo Green, Quin Rose, Sienas, Ultramarine Blue, Cerulean, Burnt Umber, Light red oxide, Lemon Yellow, paynes grey. So this was an experiment in alott of different additive and subtractive techniques. First I painted wet in wet with a mixture of phthalo green and quin rose. I used a paper towel and a hake to wipe back and forth to create paper towel textures and foliage textures. This was to create "An under painting." Next time I want to spend more time in this phase to get more tonal value variety. Before I dried off, I used melanine foam (Magic Eraser) to scrub back to the white of paper on the horizon and water. Next, I dried off and took a saturated hake brush with burnt sienna to an overall light wash. Next, I dried off and used various stronger pigments to create the darker trees and more solid elements while also sponging with the paper towel for texture. After my last dry off, I used a mop brush to do a light wash of various colors in different areas, I used the mop instead of the hake since I was doing localized color washes and unify everything. I used the magic eraser to again scrub out some white areas. Hope that all makes sense! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGF1pAMmk98&feature=youtu.be