My 600th painting video!!!

My 600th painting video!!!

Apr 02, 2022

My 600th video!!!

Materials: Hake, Rigger, Scraper, Magic Eraser. Towel. Raw Sienna, Burnt sienna, Burnt Umber, Light Red Oxide, Ultramarine Blue, Paynes Grey. 11x14 Stonehenge Aqua.

This scene was painting from memory (I've painted and photographed it so much ;P) I overlayed a darkroom print I made so you can see the original scene vs how Ive changed it around over time.

I think the most interesting tool for this painting was the magic eraser. A few years ago I purchased a bulk pack of melamine foam off of Amazon. You can buy it from the Grocery Store as "Magic Eraser" or the dollar store as an off name brand. From what I understand, its all the same thing...just melamine foam. I had google'd it quite a bit, and there seems to be no chemical aspect...just an abrasive. When dipped in water and lightly scrubbed onto watercolor paintings, it will "erase" back to white. Its very easy to achieve but does essentially damage the paper since you are scrubbing back. I suggest picking up one or two and cutting them to a size thats easy to hold. Experiment with erasing, or erasing and painting back over to see how your paper holds up!


-Andrew Broussard

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