Painting From a Photograph: Snow without gouache or masking fluid. 8x10 Stonehenge aqua. Squirrel mop, rigger. Cerulean blue, ultramarine, paynes grey, raw sienna, burnt umber, light red oxide. For this, rather then painting wet in wet, i started with a squirrel mop to mass in areas. With snow, I find that artists will use the white of the paper for snow..but will also tint the sky to help differentiate. I did a light wash of raw sienna to do this in the sky. I think took light red oxide and ultramarine for the far distant trees. I used wet in wet effects here, like rigger lines for soft distant foliage, and splattering into the wet in wet. For the water I used cerulean blue, along with ultramarine and burnt umber for my shadows. I tried to do this wet in wet for a soft effect. After A dry off, I did the tree line. I used stronger pigments to help create a sense of depth. I also splattered here. For the snow, I used ultramarine blue and some grayish tint for shadows. I hope you enjoy!