Very excited about this experiment/ approach. 11x14 stonehenge aqua. Hake, rigger, card, towel, raw sienna, burnt umber, light red oxide, ultramarine, phthalo blue, paynes grey. This painting was inspired by the sunsetting in my backyard when I was mowing. The backyard doesnt look like this...(I wish! (oh and I wouldnt mow!)) but it inspired two thoughts. Bright light behind dark foliage, as well as how to achieve this without it simply looking like a white background with a black painted on top. I referred to a theory that I think was presented by Birge Harrision (1909) and Carlson (1920) about dark objects over light background. The idea is that the edges wouldn't be super hard or super dark. There would be a transition between the two. Thinner dark objects would appear lighter in tonal value (thin branches for example) vs Thicker dark objects appearing darker in tonal value (Thick tree trunks for example) I tried to apply this concept to tree branches, cluster of foliage, and tree trunks. I hope this concept makes sense. I explored varies means of apply pigment in attempts to achieve this. Hope you enjoy! Andrew Broussard