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I'm doing what I can to help students' unions get through the coronavirus crisis, by arranging free pitch-in sessions, creating resources and connecting people. See the latest developments on SU Skills, the online academy for students' unions.
Shakira Hylton bought 5 coffees.

Have all of the caffeine! :p

Thanks Shak!! I'll treat myself to one enormous, quintuple, all-the-extras coffee / sugar / syrup monstrosity when we're all allowed outside again!

Cass Winlow bought a coffee.

Hi - I've only just figured out that this coffee thing is real! I've been enjoying the pitch ins and we'd signed up for the Welcome packageso looking forward to more good stuff!

Thanks very much Cass - looking forward to working with you via Welcome 2020 as well!

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Thanks for setting up todays pitch-in Andrew. 

My pleasure - thanks for taking part!

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