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Andrew Lock is a software developer, blogger, Microsoft MVP, and author of the book ASP.NET Core in Action.

Welcome to my BMC page. 

I post at least once a week to my blog about ASP.NET Core, related technologies, and other interesting topics.

I really enjoy sharing what I learn, but it it's a big commitment. If you've found it useful and want to say thanks, I really appreciate you buying me a coffee!

If you're interested in ASP.NET Core and want to learn more, check out my book ASP.NET Core in Action. Also, get your own copy of the free .NET Core eBook from Manning.

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Your blog is my first go-to whenever I need to understand how stuff works in ASP.NET Core.  Thanks very much for taking the time to write the blog posts.

You're very welcome, thanks for supporting it! 😀

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Hi Andrew. Currently migrating to ASP.NET Core and constantly ending up on your blog when googling problems ;) Thank you for all of your hard work!

Hi Thomas, thanks, glad you found it useful! 😀 Looking forward to your next post on the Roslyn Analyzer! ;) 

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Thanks, really appreciate it!

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Thanks so much!

Someone bought a coffee.

Thanks, really appreciate it!