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I'm a Developer Advocate at @IBM. @SoundCloud Alumni. Also a curious learner and a huge fan of software engineering, mobile development and Quantum computing. Geek/Nerd.

Hello and welcome! My name is Fernando Cejas, I consider myself a geeky nerd when it comes to technology

In my career I have been Engineer Manager, Project Manager and Software Engineer.

I'm a big fan of clean code in general, mobile development, artificial intelligence and quantum computing

If you like the content I write or my contributions in communities and open source,  please consider buying me a coffee.

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Twitter: fernando_cejas

Github: android10

Raman Rajagopal bought a coffee.

Loved your clean architecture blogs. Thanks for putting them up. Keep your great work going!

Stuart Blair bought 3 coffees.

Thanks Fernando. I really appreciated your posts on Clean Architecture in Android with Kotlin.. 

Miroslav Ignjatovic bought 3 coffees.

Your android evolution series with full (template like) samples is really helpful. Make more blog-posts, more stories on Medium, share your vision..  

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Max bought 3 coffees.

I always enjoy reading and learn a lot from your blog Fernando. Thanks a lot 

Thank you so much Max! I'm glad you found the material useful. Those coffees should be in person some time! ;)