Oct 14, 2021

How to write a good CV

Recently, I was lucky enough to work with an excellent career coach, who had some very interesting views on how CV's should be formatted. The reasoning behind it all was very simple, and having been on the receiving end of a pile of CV's to process on more than one occasion, it rang very true.There are only really ever two people that will read a CV - the hiring manager or someone from HR. The hiring manager is not in a good mood generally as they will have to take time out of their... more

Sep 09, 2021


I'm usually quite a slow reader, and I often marvel at how my wife can devour a book in a few days, sometimes even hours. It's rare that a book catches my attention and I can't put it down. Not since Alex Garland's The Tesseract had I found a book I had to read, until I bought Susanna Clarke's Piranesi at the weekend.I won't give too much of the story away, it is definitely one that you want to go into knowing as little as possible, but it is a half-decent little... more

Sep 08, 2021

The Myth of Levelling Up

There's been so much in the news about levelling up recent times. I've seen it in various adverts, heard in more every day use and, obvoiusly, it's been the the UK government's slogan of choice for some time now. I think it's a weak and unhelpful phrase to use.On the political front most people have become deaf to it, it's been so overused by the Conservative party. And for a long time, no-one really questioned it. It all sounded so logical. The South is rich and... more

Aug 20, 2021

Get The Elementalist for free!

This weekend, the 21st and 22nd August, The Elementalist will be free on Amazon. I've always been a little suspicious of these promotions, as in the past I think the majority of my downloads were on these free days. But since then, Kindle Unlimited has come along, so the whole thing becomes a little more academic, anyway. Still, I always like to get books when other authors I like make their books free, even if I don't read them straight away.If you do decide to give it a whirl,... more

Aug 19, 2021

Dan Hawk

I had a fun day helping Ben Shockley out on his feature film, Dan Hawk, Psychic Detective, yesterday. It was really good to be back on a set again. I always get a huge buzz on set, no matter how big the production is, and yesterday was no exception. The creativity quotient goes through the roof.I've huge admiration for Ben. He's struggled to get the film completed against the backdrop of the pandemic. They started filming back in 2019 and are only now getting close to completing it.... more

Aug 18, 2021

Calling all Script Readers

I’m working on a little project that you may find interesting and helpful. But I’d like a bit of feedback from you in preparation for it. I’d like to know what your pet peeves are with poor scripts or lazy screenwriting?I have quite a few myself: using ‘we see’ or ‘we hear’ all the time, putting CUT TO: at the end of every scene… I could go on.If there’s something that really gets your goat that you see regularly, please let me know by... more

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