Hello and welcome to my online "office"...

I have decided, after much thought, to start my online consultation on Buy Me a Coffee...

There are many reasons for me choosing this platform, but I will begin by explaining the most important one... cost.

Consultants usually charge their clients a HUGE fee for information and guidance through the immigration process. I have decided to keep it simple and to charge a small membership fee to all the information that is available on my site.

A membership will also give you access to one of the most important sources of information... me! I will offer 1-on-1 advice and offer my time to help you build your application package for immigration to Canada.

If you do not want a membership or simply can't afford it right now, then please feel free to ask your questions and I will make sure to answer you directly. In return all I ask for is for you to "buy me a coffee" on my page. In other words, please show your support by making a little donation.

So, there it is... if you have any questions then let's hear them!

Kind regards