I was given this body,

This face, this smile and my eyes.

Look at my eyes.

I was given this skin,

So delicate yet thick,

I have thick skin.


smooth to the touch.


I was given this hair,

So spirally,

So curly,

Like a funday at the fair.

So bouncy,

So witty, so curly.


These hands I am given,

To heal,

To seal ,

To be.

To believe before it is seen,

To feel,

These hands were given to me.

To touch,

A laying on so rough,

A laying on so much,

A laying on enough.


These feet,

They charge the earth

so wild,

so free,

so fresh and so clean.

These feet were given to me.


I choose to believe

I walk in truth I walk with zeal

We roar with the lions

and rage through the screams!

Belief is given to me.


By Analese Thomas-Strachan