If anything happens,

Remember I love you.

I'm not planning for it to.

Plans do not work these days anyways,

I'm just saying that it's important for you to remember.

We usually wait until it's too late

and regret the things that we never surrendered.


So, I love you.

Whether or not you loved me.

Whether our love was swept away,

unfounded and lost,

I found it by the way,

the love I never got.

It was hidden in loves treasure chest

My name tied up in knots


I love you

Even when I may not speak,

Even when I've touched the peak,

I have memories unspoken of

and some of them are really deep.

This isn't a sad poem,

There's nothing to be anxious of,

It's more than feeling

and it's honesty is truly ranked above

but... I love you

and although it hurts my heart,

the feelings are unearthing

all of which means that I loved you hard


So many of you have chosen

the uncoding of my words

but unscrew the content,

uncap the caption

look for what I've canned into verbs.

The mystery is open-ended

For there is no mystery in the end,

some of you will have tapped out

in need of keeping up the pretence.


I see so many of you lying

so many of you dying whilst trying

So many of you are crying

I'm sorry you've been sold the lie

By the way, wholeness doesn't come whilst protecting your self-pride

but I still love you.


...and I'm not sure if I'll get to say this to you in person,

well some of you may have heard

but to the ones who aren't too sure

of the truth within this verb

Please know that my intentions are well meaning

and I only ever wanted to help

even though sometimes

I simply needed to help myself.


So there you have it,

don't pretend you never knew

Or start to doubt the truth

because I've said it and i'll say it again

and it is not foolproof

because here I am

sitting here and still loving you

So hear it again.

I love you.




-Written by Andylese-