Maybe the very first Chris was right

But I've told myself I wouldn't go there

I've moved

Heart more in tact

But I guess still bruised

I stopped asking myself what was wrong with me

Why they'd always want to clip my wings

You've cried here many-a-times before Analese

you know what it's about


You cry and smile about when this passes over

Because you've learned it always passes over

It is full but you allow angels to soothe and rub your back

This is why I forever choose you

I forever choose you analese

I forever choose you.


They don't get to see it all

But I do 

and I towel dry the tears you bathed in

Each time they resurface.

We handle them well together now

We handle them

Have you noticed?

How we handle them?

We handle them well together.

-Andylese Vs Thoughts-