I am offering a bunch of extras for you and I thought it's a good idea to do a breakdown in a post so you can clearly see what is available. I wanted to introduce what I offer in more detail so here's a brief list of what I have available for you to download, order, use, try, and look at!

eBooks (FREE for members)

My eBooks are delivered as downloadable PDFs that you can download, view and read on your device. My eBooks range from documentary and street photo projects that have taken me months to complete, I also share fictional stories or musings accompanied with imagery, and of course useful guides for those who want to pursue something in particular or are interested in a particular type of photography! If you have any requests for an eBook, give me a shout and I'll add it to my list!


Introduction to Lightroom (60min) - £7 (free for members)

Master the basics of Lightroom Classic! I show you a 60min intro to Lightroom and equip you with the most important tools that will give you more confidence in utilizing what Lightroom has to offer to develop your editing skills. I use simple language to make it accessible for beginners, too.


AL Mono City preset pack - 8 Lightroom presets £9 (£5 for members)

I have created these presets from shooting street photography but have also used them for still life, portraits and weddings! Each one of them has been given a city name that has inspired me and each reference photo is from that city, too. Some are pure black and white with more clarity, others have a touch of grain and softness, as well as a warmer tone in the shadows or highlights.