Apr 08, 2023

Easter offer, 30% off!

Happy Easter Everyone!Hope you're having a fun, relaxing, celebrating (or however you wish)easter. I'm having an Easter deal for you guys!30% off any session!Also right now, you can have 3 for the price of 2 integration sessions!Sessions to choose from:Integration (healing) Automatic writing (a message from your guides)Video readingMore info about each session:Integration (healing) 45 min, with a follow up email with info that has come through... more

Mar 20, 2023

Transformation of a lifetime! Now!

Hello beautiful ether friends!I wanted to send you this and even a guided meditation, so much sooner, to make the best of this equinox and new moon happening on the 20th & 21st of March.But one of the many things that this energy around the equinox, the new moon and planetary shifts brings, has made my little Elliot and myself feel a little bit under the weather. So I will only share some inspired words about this amazing opportunity for a transformation of a lifetime, that is taking... more


Mar 08, 2023

Collective Meditation, 11th&12th of March!

Are you feeling the shifts in the ethers right now?Trouble sleeping, pressure over your head, bloatedness, (holding on to water, which drinking more water will help with) heavyness, tired, "not feeling up for anything"? Mixed in with... Eagerness, excitement, high energy, passion, wanting to try new things, starting new projects, only to go back to "not feeling up for anything"??Also you might feel on the brink of manifesting something you have been waiting for, but it just... more


Mar 07, 2023

Not heard back from me?

Hello beautiful ether friends!It seems I have trouble with my email. Sometimes going out, sometimes coming in.If they go out, some people seem to get them in their inbox, others in junk mail.So sending through Buy me a coffee might help.All I want to know, or bring to your attention, is if you feel like it's a little weird I have notreplied to you after you have reached out to me, or waiting on a personal reading, please if you can do two things; -1, Add my address to your contacts2, If... more

Feb 15, 2023

Last chance! 40% discount ends tonight!

At midnight tonight, the 40% Valentine's discount ends! (15th of FEB)So if you feel like having a session, here's your chance before midnight. If you missed this offer, down below is a rerun.What does each of these 3 categories mean? PERSONAL READING Via Video!  As seen on Youtube (A New Era) but this is personal to you.You can ask 3-4 questions. Any topic is a great topic. Nothing is off limits.  One video session is about 45... more

Feb 09, 2023

Valentine's offer! 40% OFF! (11th - 15th of Feb)

Hello beautiful ether friends! Happy Valentine's!We're getting closer to Valentine's Day, and whatever feelings you might have around this celebration day, I want to give you a heartfelt offer. In the mood for some healing/integration, or a video message to get some answers, maybe an automatic writing with some messages from your guides? No matter what you feel like, you will get 40% off. (Offer runs between the 11th and the 15th of February)This could also be the best... more

Extended VIRGO! Lost and found!
Virgo Extended! "This is where karma ends!"
Virgo Extended! "This is how you invite magic in!"
Virgo Extended! Big transformation, your future looks phenomenal!

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