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Dec 25, 2020

Are you ready to connect with me? Let's gooooo. Fuck yes, I am doing the thing. If you are not familiar with me I am Angela Mari also known as Angelawhispers on Youtube and Twitch, I am not for everyone, and that is okay. I am here as a bridge of consciousness to  remain authentic and speak my truth as it evolves. That being said  there will be tears, laughs, grammatical errors, messy hair days, and expansion. I create several different kinds of content and hope this will be a space I can keep it all together.
This is my first post once again on a new platform and I stand before you raw, open, and grateful. I look forward to creating content while  calling in my soul mate clients, and supporters. These are  the ones who are ready to be broken open, do the work, and continue to evolve as we expand together. This includes those that are here to watch my back and hold me up when I need it , any amount of support is appreciated. I am truly grateful for all of the lessons that I have learned and being able to help those who can relate.

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