DUNE ; writer, graphic designer, professional emo

heyo! the name is dune ;

you could say i spend my procrastination wisely by doing things i actually adore, rather than doing what i'm supposed to. i write sappy content for the other sappy individuals out there that yearn to feel something of the sorts. we're all emotional here. 

i do spend quite a lot of time writing, however, and need some coffee to get me through the night as i write. who needs sleep, aye? i can assure you any funds will go directly towards my caffeine fixation (and would make my time worth while, of course). i do adore creating content for my readers, and hope that with this, i can continue having time to write, as i wouldn't have to do overtime to pay the bills.

much gratification is sent your way! 

i truly do adore all of you. 

dune. x

Someone bought a coffee.