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I will never place my blog behind a paywall and won't litter the page with ads. So if you've enjoyed my posts and feel generous, feel free to buy me a coffee! :) 

No pressure whatsoever though. :) 

@Acid_Mushroom bought 3 coffees.

Every time I see your pictures, it calms my anxiety and makes me want to go back to Lapland and just settle there for good... Thanks for allowing us to travel and dream of a better world. I hope things are getting better for you. Tack så mycket och grattis igen för dina vackra bilder !

Grandma Faith bought 5 coffees.

Hi Mia. I love your fur baby & pictures on Twitter. You are a fabulous photographer. I would love to see the sky filled with such beautiful colors. I live in Victoria BC Canada. No night skies like that here but beautiful just the same. Thank you for sharing your photos & live in the north.

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Perhaps you’ll capture some boathouse pics one day? ♥️

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Thank you, Mia! Keep writing,  keep photographing,  Tellus will watch over for you and and your little furry one. I had tears in my eyes thinking about my cat Mossa and now I have my beauty one, Azumi. Keep shining,  ok.

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