Welcome! Before you get started working on your own car, let me get you going with a few basic tools you need to have.

The very first thing you need is a Metric 3/8" drive socket set. 1/4" is a waste for most, if you need 1/2" then you should probably take it to a professional, and you won't need standard unless working on pre-80's American or after market fasteners. This is the first tool, by all means, invest later in the rest.

An OBDII or "code" reader. You can get a cheap one for less than $30 that will do more than you'll know to do with. We WILL ask if you have codes. Or go to a parts store and get a print out.

Basic screw driver, pliers, and wrench sets. Check out our blog page at www.automotivetoolsandsupplies.com or search for the same on Facebook. You will also need some penetrating fluid for stuck fasteners. Ask us what we use, we sell that too! Looking forward to helping you with our posts or one on one!