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To bring the fun and excitement of Anime, Manga & POP-Culture to the Southwest through our AniMangaPOP Show!

February 2014 saw the first fully fledged Animangapop event. With live performances, Gaming, Traders, Martial Art Showcases and so much more. This was only the beginning of an amazing ride which the 2 friends wanted to take everyone with them on. Year on year the show got bigger and better with more guests, more to see and more to do. From 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Animangapop is now at bursting point in it’s current home of ‘Crowne- Plaza’.
Taking this on board... The events team have decided to push the boundaries and be the first EVER 2 x Day Anime, Manga & POP-Culture show to be held in Plymouth! We know all the loyal fans, attendee’s and traders will be fully behind us with the new and exciting step into the unknown just like they were with us from 2014 (or even earlier for the die-hard among you).