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Photographer-Entrepreneur-Musicophile-Geek-Caffeinomane-Cat stroker-Epicure-Flâneuse-Polyglot-Person.

I am Anita, a professional Photographer based in Lisboa - Portugal. 
From September 2018 until the end of July 2019, I'll be attending a Photography program at Magnum in Paris (yes, I'm super excited about this!) - which will grant me a Masters in Photography.
During this time I will create various photographic projects, curated by Magnum photographers, which will culminate in an exhibition on May 2019, displayed at Magnum's gallery. 
Paris is one of the most beloved and photographed cities in the world, so you can imagine how this will be an enormous challenge for me as a Photographer. 
I appreciate all the support and feedback I can get from you, throughout these 11 months of adventure and learning. 
Thanks for being a part of it!