The Problem Statement

Finding quality, handpicked material to prepare for certification exams, and avoid wasting time on just searching for content.


This past year I have prepped for over 4 certification exams 📚✒️🎓. The process usually includes:

  • Spending hours trying to learn how exams were for others, and is the certification worth it?

  • If I were lucky for a training then just recalling those notes and then searching for practice tests. Which would often led to dodgy websites.

  • If I was doing self study, then I would waste even more time trying to select the right content on youtube, blogs, books and what not.

  • Finally, realising that I had not much time left, I would pick 1-2 resources and get going.

If only I could see what others really benefited from, and share my own? If I could waste less time? (oh I will still waste time).

This is why is getting created. I hope it helps others like me. For free.