Phew! I am finally there, well almost. Just moments ago I posted the description on ProductHunt to launch

Its been a long journey, in between building and launching I had a period of 4+ months. Not that I could use it well, given that work and family had higher priority. I have also experimented with launch process, videos, outsourcing tasks (which can be frustrating).

What could have gone better?

I understand the need of network effect to make a platform survive, and at this moment I know that its hard to achieve. It would have been nicer to have built a following to do this.

I would have also liked to add a dozen more certifications, but this is also a trap of making things 'perfect', at this rate one would never launch.

What am I proud of?

Everything. This is a true 0 to 1 product, I had to acquire most skills to get this ready and I am stoked. I used no-code, airtable, thought of a branding, build and now am at the cusp of launch.

And yes, there is even a launch video! - Launch Teaser - YouTube