My day job took my time away for the past weeks, and then I also needed approval from compliance team that this is not a conflict of interest. Luckily all of that is out of the way.

Challenges I am struggling with...

  • Took help from vendors on fiverr to research more content and research important certifications. I wanted a critical mass to be available at launch. It did not go as planned, the effort it took to give instructions and the quality of output was dismal.

  • So I have to research and add content on my own, back to doing it myself for now.

What has worked,

  1. Today I started pushing on some launch sites as listed on this Notion Ink page to support indie founders (Where to post your project (

  2. I have a launch video ready, luckily this fiverr connect helped me. Its quite alright...


  1. Launching is harder than developing

  2. I cannot set a dream date because its hard to finish all tasks with a day job.

  3. Risk of failure is very high, and while my final goal is a launch on Product Hunt, I know that post that I have limited tools to push engagement up!