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Hi friends and readers! I'm so happy you stopped by to show your support. Being an Indie author is a lot of work, which I'm sure many of you reading this already know. We have to wear many hats and we have to put in long hours, hard work, and money from our own pockets first before books make it to their final form to the reader. 

This might include: 

- cover design

- editing/ proofreading

- formatting 

- marketing

- PA tasks 

- advertising 

- social media management

and so much more. Indie authors don't have publishers to help them with these tasks or the costs of these tasks.

You can support your favorite authors by:

- purchasing their books

- leaving reviews for books you loved

- sharing their books with your friends and social networks

- donating or joining memberships like this here at Buy Me a Coffee

How You Can Help

I have four great membership tiers that you can use to support me and there are lots of great goodies I offer to express my gratitude. 

Or, you can make a one-time donation and buy me a coffee (or three) to keep me writing another day! 

Any and all support is greatly appreciated. :) 

You can also join my Facebook reader group, Clark's Coven, and follow me on Instagram if you want to see more of my day-to-day life and not all writing updates. 

You can find my Amazon Author Page here. 

Annalise Clark - Fantasy/ PNR/ Paranormal RH Author

Author of Spookybrook Witch Academy series, Dream of the Vampire (PNR) series, Call of the Wolf (RH/PNR) series, Mystic River Vampire Academy (PNR) series, Teen Wolf Academy (NA PN) series, Angel Academy (RH) series, Witches of Spookybrook (Fantasy/PN) series and more.

Annalise writes fantasy and paranormal romance and reverse harems with LGBTQ+ friendly characters.  

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