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It all began with a single post. It would change my life forever, that of many others, and reveal the true power of LinkedIn. Back in May 2017, I would ask my local connections who would like to meet offline, with a #LinkedInLocal hashtag. Quite a few it turned out, not just in my local city but in all corners of the world.

Fast forward 2 years, at its height #LinkedInLocal touched the lives of over 300,000 humans, in 650+ cities, in 92 countries. Impressive, especially for a team of volunteers.

It ignited my excitement for online to offline, a deep passion for community, for supporting more sustainable mental health practices, and to bring a better sense of belonging to the world. So for 2 years I led, mentored and managed the #LinkedInLocal global community. In March 2019 LinkedIn validated the idea releasing much-needed official terms, and I stepped away. Many groups still thrive today, I’m just no longer involved beyond the Coffs Coast group.

But I was lost. I had become a community fanatic with no thriving community to run.  So I wrote a book about it (How a Hashtag Changed The World out now on Amazon).

I've always held a deep desire to reconcile how technology fits with our desire for human connection and what belonging truly means. These two themes run through all the work I do.

Currently you can find me up to the following; 

📘 Writing for and training for community chapter leaders on how to launch and grow a local group (based on the methods of #LinkedInLocal)
📘 LinkedIn training to individuals and companies as to how to build a virtual village and network on LinkedIn
📘 Provide tools and training for community and groups managers on how to get more out of LinkedIn - networking, Pages, groups and events
📘 I also run several groups for community builders to come together and gain insight from one another and network
📘 Hosting the 'Managing Minds' podcast, a limited series podcast all about mental health in the workplace. Mental health advocacy has always been a part of my journey and community building work so I'm excited to help raise awareness.

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#LinkedInLocal free course:
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I write about my thoughts and experience of community and connection here:

Or reach out if you’d like to chat or send me an email ([email protected])