Buy annasara a coffee


Hi you!!

So glad you've in some way found your way to this page, perhaps with a consideration of buying me a coffee to support my work. :)

I simply love to make songs. Write lyrics, sing the songs, record them and make arrangements. I also love to arrange and record cover songs. I am a classically trained violinist so there are a lots of violins on the songs. I also play the piano and sing.

Being an independent artist is sometimes lonely and if it wasn't for you, there would be no meaning of trying to get the music out there. You are the end destination of my creations. :)

I will continue doing this until I have no more musical ideas. For the moment, I still do and I want make them true.

I would be so glad if you supported this musical journey towards your ear with a coffee or two to ease up the road.

Love from Annasara