Genuine authenticity demands a consistent effort of discovering, facing, owning, and showing your real self.

This type of internal work is laborious, deep, intense, difficult, and emotionally painful in and of itself.

It requires you to study, interpret, comprehend, understand, and share with others your own mind and soul.

It demands that you take off your masks, ditch toxic positivity, flee the happiness illusion, and show up raw and whole.

When you do decide to reveal you raw and whole self to others, it’s like showing up completely naked every time.

This requires not only hard work but a total mental makeover in order to shift your culture-induced thinking paradigm.

You’ll have to choose vulnerability over pretense, connection over competition, and being fully human over being safe.

This requires you to stop trying to fit in and instead embrace your uniqueness, living life daring, tenacious, and brave.

#PoemsFromGod by Anna Szabo