I enjoy being grounded in my true identity.

Knowing who I am fills my life with serenity

I don’t try to create an outer persona.

I can’t pretend to live in a spiritual coma.

I live fully alive, alert, attentive, and aware.

To walk in my authentic identity I dare.

To be truly who God says I am in Christ,

The common cultural pretense I had to sacrifice.

I do not use any filters in my pictures.

I derive my beauty from God’s scriptures.

I don’t need drugs to forget who I’m not.

I know that for a high price I was bought.

I don’t ever compare myself to anybody.

I don’t strive to be a different somebody.

I am content with who God says I am.

What others think of it I don’t give a damn.

#PoemsFromGod by Anna Szabo