I love living my life mindfully, which helps me experience deep joy and gratitude.

I love maintaining an eternal perspective, which sustains my strength and fortitude.

I love my friends who are insightful and kind. We laugh and cry together.

I love kayaking when it’s sunny, running in the rain, and walking in any weather.

I love playing on a playground or in a paddle with my neighbors’ kids.

I love eating steamed colorful beans and lentils and snack on raw nuts and seeds.

I love watching for hours the ocean waves with my feet deep in the white sand.

I love snorkeling and reaching for the sea animals to touch them with my bare hand.

I love reading in my bed with my feet up chilling on a mountain of white pillows.

I love listening to the birds in the morning through my open bedroom windows.

I love people-watching by the river, observing kayakers pass by waving "Hello!"

I love creating art, painting, blogging, writing poetry, and being in a state of flow.

I love eating colorful fruits and vegetables, all spread like a rainbow on a white plate.

I love journaling and reflecting on God’s many gracious miracles in my life to date.

I love stretching my body, working out, and fasting to stay healthy, fit, and strong.

I love doing my own chores, and cleaning weekly is my good habit that’s lifelong.

I love folding fresh warm laundry that is spotlessly clean and smells so amazing.

I love sitting by the fireplace, surrounded by candles, wholeheartedly God praising.

I love living mindfully without a TV, xboxes, and other brain-numbing distractions.

I love sharing the Gospel telling people about God’s forgiveness of past actions.

I love exploring the world around me by regularly taking new solo road trips.

I love the adventure of traveling in time by reading and discovering helpful life tips.

I love my home that’s clean, organized, peaceful, beautiful, unique, and serene.

I love being here, doing simple things, and especially enjoying my own vegan cuisine.

I love exercising with a hula hoop and on a BOSU ball, as well as on the trampoline.

I love fasting from food and water for days to maintain great health and hygiene.

I love doing my own mani and pedi at home, which is always highly meditative.

I love quiet solitude and silence, which help me genuinely relax and get creative.

I love so many things about life! Knowing this helps me through adversity persevere.

I love living mindfully, staying grounded, and keeping my life off busyness clear.

#PoemsFromGod by Anna Szabo