For ten years, I was on social media and maintained an outer, virtual, staged life.

To look good, to be acceptable, and to impress people I would constantly strive.

One of the reasons I permanently deleted my social media is that my real life I love.

To live mindfully, authentically, and genuinely now, I’m going beyond and above.

I pay attention to what brings me joy, that’s why I wish only for my own life, not theirs.

It’s my responsibility to fill my life with whatever gives me peace, no one else cares.

I love jumping in the car and going to whichever beach I choose in that moment.

I love being social media free, not caring who and how on my life might ever comment.

I love grabbing my kayak and going to the river which is right outside my front door.

I love eating colorful fruits and vegetables, as well as seeds and all the nuts I so adore.

I love walking for many miles up and down the hills with a friend sharing our hearts.

I love running barefoot on the white-sand beach right when the sunny day starts.

I love helping women, encouraging them to persevere with faith and fortitude.

I love exercising every day, which calms my C-PTSD and improves my attitude.

I love my bright, clean, peaceful, and organized home where I can recharge.

I love having a sense of agency over my own life and knowing that I am in charge.

I love sleeping in my huge California king size beautiful and comfortable bed alone.

I love my real life with God, living with purpose, knowing that to Jesus I belong.

#PoemsFromGod by Anna Szabo