I love eating in solitude at restaurants and at home.

Sometimes new places in search of good food I roam.

I love running, walking, kayaking, and doing yoga alone.

Practicing solitude, over the last three years, I’ve really grown.

Solitude allows me to get silent and figure out what I like:

To hula hoop, to jump on the trampoline, to hike,

To cook, to meditate, to journal, to blog, to write poetry, to read...

That’s why solitude every day, like fresh air, I desperately need.

I love solitude. I enjoy my own company quite a lot,

Though... that I was an extravert for years I thought...

It was because the luxury of solitude wasn’t available to me.

Now, with solitude I’m comfortable and alone I love to be.

#PoemsFromGod by Anna Szabo