Dear Jesus,

You called us to confess, repent, and seek forgiveness.

You called us to rejoice and go the second mile.

Of your amazing grace I've now been a witness

And want to follow you with genuine desire.

You called us not to lust and Father's law to honor,

Our enemies to love and practice self-control.

With your amazing life established you this manner,

You bled and died for me, to free from sin my soul.

You asked us to be servants, to pray in faith and sureness

That you will hear our crying and answer every time.

You asked us not to doubt and demonstrate matureness,

So others come to you observing us in prime.

For gift of my salvation to you I'm very grateful,

I want to honor you and patiently obey.

In trials and tribulations, I am remaining faithful,

Remembering you're near and never far away.

#PoemsFromGod by Anna Szabo