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I'm Not Here to Start a Personal Cult. I'm Here to Help You Laugh and Think.

I'm a historian (real one, PhD, publications) who told the corrupt university to shove my tenured job in 2008. 

Since then, I have written The Snipesville Chronicles series, time-travel novels that spark laughter and thinking among readers of all ages. I have also visited schools around the country, mostly those for poor and working class kids, to present college lectures disguised as entertainment.

I talk to everyone: Kids, adults, janitors, posh people. My last gig was teaching Black teachers about Black history.

Now writing Non-Boring History, a newsletter for adults, helping connect you to subjects from the past that connect to now, and that speak to you. I work more than full-time without salary or benefits. I'm not rich. Your support keeps me doing what I do. Thanks.