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Anime addict. Professional binge watcher. Food-giver to two crazy kitties.

When not watching anime, I can be found: spittin’ verses as a spoken word artist and performance poet, spelunking through new music finds and dancing hula in the kitchen while waiting for baked goods to finish. I have a firm belief that any day can be made better with a cup of tea, a good anime, and my cats: Zelda Sparrow and Linkynn Bayerd.

I earned my MA in creative and critical writing while studying in the UK. For my BA, I double majored in creative writing and marketing and have a minor in English literature.

I’m a rain enthusiast who splits my time between Seattle, WA and Glasgow, Scotland. A self-proclaimed nerd/geek, I’ve never been afraid of being different or liking things that I like. On the contrary, I’m fiercely passionate about making safe spaces for people to have open discussion and feel comfortable to be their true selves.

Thank you for supporting me!