Buy Just Anotherangler a fish-hook or three

5’ is a hybrid ‘blog and website of orthodox fishing and anything else that I find mildly interesting or amusing. I’ve been making stuff up since 2005, and like to think I’ve got better at it since then. I’ve certainly got older since then.

I’ve got an eclectic range of interests and while the site is predominantly expositions of fishing trips, there are asides on all manner of things: psychology, electronics, Pink Floyd, the tedium of office life, general idiocy observed in the wild, and that kind of thing. But mostly fishing; why I go at all and what for.

If you enjoying catching small perches and gudgeons it might be your kind of thing.

It is not the kind of site where the 'how to' bits have stuff along the lines of… "I put up my Beastmaster XXX 3½lb rod, loaded 300 yards of Bloggs Triple-Strength 12lb onto my Overmanley Big Pit reel then tied up a Noddy's Chod rig with a Tiger Claw size 8 hook...yada yada".  You know, the ‘overly manly fishing’ thing. None of that. Nope.

I am a bit obsessive about knots though, to be fair. And surface fishing for carp. I am very very interested in floats. Not obsessed. Nope. You say 'obsessed' like it's a bad thing.

This quote pretty much covers how I feel about float-fishing:

"I can never find any satisfaction in ledgering for fish without a float: I must be able to either see a float or see the bait, but I prefer watching a float."  Michael Traherne ('BB'), ‘Be Quiet and Go A-Angling'

Anyhoo. If you enjoyed the site, you can now show appreciation by providing JAA with the price of a new fish-hook. Or a float. Or a tin of sweet-corn. Or a loaf of bread.

It'll probably be a float.

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