And so I write…
When the world sleeps
whether actually or in my mind
where only quiet exists so that I can finally hear the sound of the knock of the ones who deliver the words from worlds I only know when I am still.

And so I write…
To free the voices
that scream inside to be set free
to exist, to be heard, to be seen, to flow like rivers from my pen.

And so I write…
To create the sky
to feel the rain
to taste the ground as it drinks
to grow down into the earth, rooted
and branching beyond all that I once knew.

And so I write…
To heal
to see
to hear
to feel
to be
more of you and less of me
to know
to learn
to live
to show
to earn
my place amongst the stars.

And so I write…
To see what happens when I put one word after the other, how they begin to have meaning, to develop form, how power grows from amidst their ranks, how they create a voice and become my own, sounds and meaning and purpose I never knew I had.

And so I write…
To explore galaxies and planets and dimensions I can only imagine. To ignite the wonder of my mind as if it were fresh and new, the way it was when I was a child. To see and know and understand the world with soft eyes and an even softer heart. To speak in tones that heal and offer compassion. To hold, to touch, to feel, to be everything that only my words can teach me how to be.

And so I write…
Sometimes it’s really rather easy to write rhyme
I can do it without effort in every single line,
sometimes it works out so formally and so fine,
but I make the rules and I can also break them, 
such is my freedom.
I liberate my soul with each new word.

And so I write…
To escape
to fly away
to ignore the demands and rigors and requests of the day.
to hide
to seek
to find truth in moments between lines that just seem like play.

And so I write…
To codify my meaning
or to speak plainly
it all depends on how the words
show up, virtuously or vainly
yet I do not judge
for are they ever really mine
to be owned
because I hold the pen
and hear them in the echo
of the chambers of my mind
and feel them in the beat
deep within my heart?

And so I write…
Because only my ink can bleed in the way that my emotions do
darkening the parchment of the nothing that becomes my eternal 
everything — 
squiggles of meaning
with powers beyond wonder
magical manifestations
to behold, to be held by,
to be captivated, enchanted,
enthralled, expressed,
surrendered to.

And so I write…
Because my real voice is often unheard
loud but quiet and banging for notice
in rooms of plenty
ears equipped to receive
my vocal intonations
yet deaf to the ghost
of my wants.

And so I write…
To exist
to be heard
to be seen
to love and be loved
to live in harmony
with sounds
and vibrations
that lift and provide life
with no need for meaning
just peace in being.

And so I write.

— agod