Buy Anthony T. a coffee


Hey I just created this page to interact with people who may want to reach out to me for help.  I'm not a fan of offering any free service so to speak since I've been a paid research engineer for years and a consultant for a few projects, but I enjoy sharing knowledge so similarly to how people have reached out to me in person, I'm willing to help anyone a bit over coffee.  I cannot promise anything or any results, but I will spend time to respond to any inquiry to the best of my ability.  Understand that I am not an expert in any specific field in CFD or mechanical design, but I do have a few years of research and development in academia, the private sector, and the public sector in the United States.  I have spent countless hours learning about CFD, the theory, and I have gone through the struggles of learning ANSYS and Star-CCM+.

If you've bought me a coffee, send me leave me a private message in the tip with your name and email and email me at [email protected] about your inquiry and I'll respond there.