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We want to take a minute to thank everyone who is joining us in the good work of becoming AntiRacist.  The Antiracist Table was created with so much love.  It is in fact a labor of love but it is labor none the less.  Kirsten and I believe in the Divine Exchange of giving and receiving and the practice of offering Dāna.  Our 30 Day Challenge, our Accountability Letters, access to our online community and our articles and Conversations Around The Table are all free but it is not free for us to create it.  There are costs to do all the work to keep our work alive and growing. 
There are monetary and non monetary was you can offer Dāna to support our work.  The non monetary ways are to share and post on social media about our community and resources. You can tag and talk about what you love about our work and or what you appreciate about what we offer.  You can invite friends to join our Challenge and community. 

Monetarily you can support and sustain  this work so that we can continue to bring more offerings and meaningful content to our community.
To do this you can support us monetarily through our buy me a coffee program. The link to donate to our work is on the side bar of the home page of our website and community page. 
Thank you for learning, growing and supporting our creative and engaging work at The AntiRacist Table. 

Blessings on to you! 

Lynn & Kirsten