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Hello! The AntiRacist table is a community space for all people committed to living with purpose and intention to shine a light on and dismantle hate, racism, and injustices in America. AntiRacist is a VERB. It is a “living” daily practice where love is the root. At our website,  you will be able to learn more about our core principles.  You will have free access to our 30 Day AntiRacist Challenge and other critical resources to help you incorporate AntiRacist practices into your daily life. Download our FREE templates to use in your community to hold your workplace and school accountable. This work at The AntiRacist Table is a labor of love and is FREE. We hope that you invite others to The Table.  If you have taken our Challenge, used our resources or just want to support our work we invite you to buy us a cup of coffee.  

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Really powerful program.  So grateful for all of the work and heart that went into its creation.

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