13 years ago I got to know Archangel Michael through Lorna Byrne’s book “Angels in my hair”. She sees him like a physical person and calls him Michael. I also got his permission to call him Michael.

He has always been at my left side ever since. I had him with me on dog walks at the Baltic Sea and when I didn’t want to meet anyone, I asked him to make me invisible. To my amazement that always worked. I could walk past people and they wouldn’t notice me and my dog. I asked him to keep us safe, place his Angels on every window, door, on the roof of the house and around the property.

With him by my side I got through the most fearful times in my life when I lost house, finances, husband and my health. He always told me that I was safe and that in this life no one would kill me, because I had so many horrible past life memories come up.

He also made me laugh or smile. When I sat in an empty house at the Baltic Sea after the last separation and felt lonely, he smiled and told me that from his perspective the house was packed full to the ceiling with Angels. It made me smile and I always think of that when I think I’m alone, because I never am.

He stopped the Internet from working when he wanted me to take a pause. He blocked my phone from being able to take calls 5 years ago when my parents kept calling and I just wasn’t capable of connecting with them due to so much trauma. He crashed the whole computer system of the state agency with hundreds of people being unable to work on the day I had an appointment, so that the appointment was canceled and I was sent home.

Michael was always with me during car rides. As soon as I sat in the car, I saw a blue flash of light before my eyes and knew he was with me. I always asked for his protection. I still ask him for protection every day, and every night before I go to sleep I ask him to protect me in my dreams and in my sleep.

I just had a conversation with him realizing how much our interaction and relationship has changed. I was a bit sad, because I feel that at the Baltic Sea I had more space, more quiet, less people and so I felt more connected to him. But he said that every relationship changes, even my relationship to him and the Angels and it’s completely okay.

I’m truly grateful for Michael’s presence in my life and his protection and guidance. I still see him as blue flash light or sometimes as a blue band of light, often during Healing Sessions and Reiki attunements. He even showed himself recently as a blue orb in the camera of a flat mate’s phone.

If you teach your children anything about Angels, teach them to call on Archangel Michael whenever they feel unsafe, insecure or just need some help. “Michael, help”, is all it needs. And of course, you can do that too.

Read more about Archangel Michael, other Angels and Archangels and Guardian Angels in my channeled book “Is It Cool To Be An Angel?”.

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