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I've authored and still maintaining many of Terraform AWS modules and some other open-source projects used by many Terraform users since 2015.

Those projects are in use by hundreds of companies worldwide. If you are using Terraform to manage infrastructure on AWS you're very likely using some of them directly or maybe you were inspired by some of them. Check out my GitHub profile.

You can now buy me a coffee if you like what I am doing, and follow me on my blog, Twitter, or watch "Your Weekly Dose of Terraform" on YouTube.

Sathya Musan
Sathya Musan bought a coffee.

What an awesome work!! I aspire to be like you !!

Thanks for the support, Sathya!

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Stepan Kuksenko
Stepan Kuksenko bought a coffee.

first of all, you really inspire me, it feels like you work 24 hours a day and don't sleep at all, I don't understand when you manage to do all this)

Thank you very much! Sometimes I also don't understand when I do this... but then I have a break, and repeat again. I have a goal (I think).

Omer Sen
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Keep up the good work Anton!

Thank you, Omer!

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Thank you, J! :)