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Hiya! I'm Anuradha Kowtha (pronouns are Anuradha/Anuradha's). I'm an educator, catalyst, human, and the Chief Liberation Strategist at The Kowtha Constellation.

I work with individuals, small businesses, and organizations to lead them through transformation and sustainability through a unique combination of science, creative process, and universal laws. 

My journey working across both public and private sectors led me to see systemic issues like hierarchy and exploitation and find ways to address systemic problems at their root cause. The thread that runs through my work is to illuminate and liberate individuals and small teams from the indoctrination and cookie-cutter thinking that comes from capitalism and colonialism to provide bold and innovative solutions that are rooted in justice for their clients and communities.

Thanks for your support.

In Solidarity,

(Pronoun: Anuradha)