Welcome to Seven Sisters Coven. A safe place for all witches to grow learn share ideas, and evolve. Hoping for a global shift in the way witchcraft is learned and applied. Let’s make witchcraft simple.

We are inspired truly by the night sky star cluster within the Taurus constellation , Pleiades, the “seven sisters” These sisters are half sisters of Hyades. So many sisters coming together as a cluster of stars is pretty amazing. That’s what my vision is for this Coven.

When researching the mythology of Pleiades and Hyades, and the many interpretations of it, it is unknown how many sisters made up the clusters . Some say three, and others say fifteen. Nonetheless, when using a telescope it is revealed that many many stars make up the Hyades cluster. It doesn’t matter how many, truthfully. What matters is the idea of sisterhood forming something so very beautiful.

Sisters coming together as one to learn grow together and have a safe place is the idea. I think this is obtainable. This is your sanctuary, your safe place to learn and grow as a witch. No judgment. No matter your religion race background, or ancestry, every witch is welcome. Even if you don’t identify as a witch, but you’re spiritual. This coven welcome you.

Memberships are NOT mandatory. Getting a membership allows access to The Academy. You are not required to contribute anything to this coven to stay within and remain a follower. It is encouraged to participate for your personal growth and expansion. Hangout and grow in other available online sanctuaries such as our Instagram page:


I hope you find your place here in this Sanctuary.

Peace and Love,