Do you know
That red shows love?
I heard its refreshing,
But it is much more
Than just an emotion.


Can you see
What blue represents?
I heard it is calm,
But it holds more
Wisdom than you or I.


You put these together
And you get purple,
A love and wisdom
Combine together-
A whole new sensation.


You droop them like
Wet paint across beige
Walls you hate to see.
They transform your
Mind and soul.


Do you know
That yellow is happy?
I heard its joy
Warms all of the
People it greets.


You give the canvas
That is a ceiling a
New sense of warmth
And eager personality,
Just waiting to be seen.


Can you see
What these colors show?
Their draw and appeal,
The sense of enlightenment
As the world darkens?


Or are you still fixated
On shades of gray
And bitter dreams
That crushes all of your
Hopes and dreams?


A new life awaits you-
An empty canvas just
Waiting to be painted.
It’s time now.

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