Born unto the Earth, taking my first steps.
Waking as a small infant, no idea of the future to come. 
Discovering what it meant to be alive, before I knew what tragedy looked like. 
There was happiness before there was death. 

I learnt a great deal of things, 
Of love, and of sorrow. 
But it wasn't irrelevant, it had meaning. 
Everything I saw in this journey, it had meaning. 

As I watched from afar, seeing them cry until they disappeared. 
As I learned about the conflicts surrounding those who loved me,
I swore maybe I could be better for them,
Help them find their way, before they had to take the final steps. 

Emotions poured out of me, and soon I too felt lost,
As I failed to evade, the sorrows filling my soul to its tip. 
The darkness exploded, and I did things I never meant to do. 
But the story wouldn't be over, till we all took our final steps. 

We are born unable to stand, and we fade away the same. 
But that doesn't make the gift of life any less meaningful. 
We are here for our own reasons, even if we don't get to choose the beginning,
We got to form our own story, form our own destiny. 

So when the emotions cover me, consume everything I thought I was,
I think there's still room to make things worth something,
Even when its time, for those final steps. 
That's something we can agree on, someday. 

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