They tie you to a chain and say,
"This is freedom, respect it or die."
They send you the coal mines,
Forcing you to work all day saying,
"This is freedom, preserve it."

They get nervous when you
Try to break the chains old grip.
They pull out guns and whips,
Hoping you'll submit yourself.
They hold daily broadcasts to say,
"This is freedom, this is freedom."

They get angry when you disagree,
"This IS freedom, not what you think."
They lock you away and strip your rights,
Forcing you to listen to their words:
"This is freedom. This is freedom."

Until one day, everything breaks
And they can longer think.
They shove you to the pits
And whisper the words
In mock disbelief.

"This is freedom, respect it
For it brings us life, serenity.
This is freedom, protect it
Or lose everything that you are.
This is freedom, this is freedom."