Everyone is trying to sell something;
their heart, their pain, their agony.
You walk into the arms of a narcissist. .
You walk into the arms of an abuser.
They want you to buy into their beliefs
While you stand down and do nothing.

Enable what they sell you and they
Will keep gaining more customers.
Then when their shop burns down
Only you will be the criminal;
Never the victim though you were
Always the one being crushed.

Everyone is trying to buy something;
Love, understanding, and support.
You know you need it the most
When everyone is falling apart and
You're pushed to support them further.
They don't realize you feel so alone.

Disable your mind and walk away,
And they will run behind till you
Shut them down and close the doors.
You'll hide in your own world under
The depths of turning pages that
Push you far into new realities.

Everyone is trying to sell something
But not everyone wants to buy it.
Everyone is trying to buy something
But hardly anyone is looking to sell it.
Just take your heart and conceal
The pain weighing down on your hands.

Nothing is ever coming of this
And nothing ever shall.