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Thank you for participating in the Aphrodite Project! We know that no matches are perfect, but we hope we've helped you meet a new friend or maybe even someone special.

We know that the data we collect can be intimate. To that end, we do not sell your data nor do we intend to. However, so much of what we do, the tools, secure platforms we rely on costs plenty of dough! Please consider supporting us in our mission to build a more loving, inclusive world and create opportunities for intimate and meaningful relationships!

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Aiden, Carolina, Denise, Jess, Sid, Stella, Vivian
National University of Singapore
University of Waterloo
University of Toronto
NYU Shanghai

Canada • Singapore


Aphrodite is a passion project led by students all just trying to fill this world with a little more love and acceptance. 

If you have any comments or feedback, holla to us at [email protected].


70 Questions, An Economics Nobel Prize Algorithm, One Final Match. Meet your ideal date.

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