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INK IS MY BLOOD - I am an illustrator and I like to draw love and sensuality.

In 2012, motivated by the sheer desire of creating something, I began to think of drawing as a much larger project than before and started to envision erotica as a territory that had to be explored thoroughly. Since then, I have been creating hundreds of drawings, seeking for meaning with only black and white, full and empty, all of them wisely distributed in a frame.


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DAZED: "If a female clone of Edward Gorey had been raised in the ‘90s on a strict diet of David Lynch, Junji Ito, and J.G. Ballard and grew up to specialize in satirical fetish erotica, the result would still pale in comparison to the art of Apollonia Saintclair, the artist behind  idiosyncratic old-school erotic drawings in black-and-white ink."