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Hello 🌿 Appetite Press is an independent food and drink publication founded in late 2019 at the Aoyama Farmers Market in Tokyo.

The common thread that brings us together is our appetite, whether we dig, grow, cook, eat or write, we feed ourselves and others. Our appetite is not just a survival instinct, but a curious and voracious desire to know more about our food — the culture and the people that touch it, ecosystems that nurture it, from the seed to our mouths and back again.

Inspired by the food experiences we shared with friends, chefs and producers in and around Japan, we started to gather the stories that we heard and created what we know now as Appetite.

We are a team of two, supported by a number of volunteers and contributors. By donating to us, your support will go towards the operating costs of running an independent publication, and most importantly, paying our hardworking creatives. This past year has been a rough one for all, but thanks to your support we've been able to keep writing. With your support, we'd love to work towards publishing and printing our very first physical print magazine, our very own podcast show, and throwing real-life events like dinner parties and talk events (when things go back to normal once more!). 

We appreciate your consideration, thank you for reading and stay hungry! 

Appetite Pressは、2019年に東京の青山ファーマーズマーケットで設立されたインデペンデント「食」のマガジンです。

掘っても、育てても、料理をしても、食べても、書いても、自分や他人を養っても、私たちを結びつける共通点は、「食欲」(Appetite / アペタイト)です。食欲は単なる生存本能ではなく、自分たちの食べ物についてもっと知りたいという好奇心と熱心さを持っています。




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